About eQMA

Rice University is grateful that the Vannevar Bush Faculty Fellowship program has chosen to support the research of Qimiao Si, on extreme quantum materials. The highly competitive, five-year fellowships are among the federal government’s most prestigious individual research honors.

As a new group at Rice, Extreme Quantum Materials Alliance (eQMA) was founded to build a strong community and foster interactions and collaborations in this exciting area of quantum research. eQMA co-organized the Fall 2023 Workshop on Flat Bands, Strong Correlations and Topology along with the Rice Center for Quantum Materials (RCQM), which brought together a diverse pool of theoretical and experimental experts on various aspects of topology and strong correlations in flat band systems and related quantum materials. Also during Fall 2023, eQMA hosted a launch symposium that featured research on the physics of strongly correlated quantum materials.

Rice faculty members who collaborate within eQMA include: Pulickel Ajayan​​​​​​​, Pengcheng Dai, Randall Hulet, Douglas Natelson, Han Pu, Yonglong Xie, Ming Yi and Boris Yakobson. External collaborators include: Jennifer Cano (Stony Brook University), M. Brian Maple (University of California-San Diego), Silke Paschen (TU Wien), Maia G. Vargniory (Max Planck Institute), and Jian-Xin Zhu (Los Alamos National laboratory). eQMA seeks to further grow this network and facilitate the visits of researchers to and from Rice. Other planned activities include organizing workshops and schools to push the frontiers of extreme quantum materials research and to provide opportunities for the education and training of junior researchers.